All porous mineral substrates can be mineralized: stone, terracotta, concretes, slate, granite, plaster, tiles, tile joints, etc.

Laboratory tests

The term “Mineralizer” has developed a lot in recent years. However, not all Mineralizers give the same result.

The research and development of our products and the problems encountered by some other manufacturers have shown us that it is possible to obtain an effect contrary to that desired.

Hydro-Mineral’s knowledge of silica, materials and our years of research, laboratory tests and field applications have enabled us to develop high-performance formulations combined with a quality production system.

Hydro-Mineral’s products have been developed to provide lasting protection for your projects and extend their lifespan.

As such, we have at your disposal more than 30 test reports carried out in various independent laboratories.

Here are some examples.

Tests carried out by independent laboratories

LERM 30939/4240E.LP Mineralizer TS Freeze / thaw resistance 93% reduction of structure flaking
LERM 30939/4240D.LP Mineralizer B Freeze / thaw resistance 93% reduction of structure flaking
INSA RPCC 027-2012A Mineralizer B Pressure / Back pressure 85% reduction in penetration of water at 2 MPa = 20 bar
GIGER CEBTP SNI4.A.0011-1 Mineralizer B Resistance to pull-out / tearing + 71% increase of the constraint and increasing cohesion from 0.5 to 7 mm
GIGER CEBTP SNI4.A.0011-2 Mineralizer TS Resistance to pull-out / tearing + 37% increase in the constraint and increasing cohesion passing
from 1 to 6 mm
GIGER CEBTP SNI4.A.0011-3 Mineralizer TS Slip resistance Conform to standards (variation average of + or – 3%)
GIGER CEBTP SNI4.A.0011-5 Mineralizer B Slip resistance Conform to standards (variation average of + or – 3%
LERM 11.27348.008.01.B Mineralizer TS Resistance to abrasion + 21% resistance
LERM 11.27348.008.01.B Mineralizer B Resistance to abrasion + 24,7% resistance

Our in-house laboratory, the LRDTM, is dedicated to you

We control the mechanical quality of our customers’ materials: cohesion, hardness, porosity, slipperiness and accelerated aging in climatic chambers. We perform microscopic imaging to better understand the nature of your materials as well as the reaction obtained after mineralization. At the request of our customers, we also perform slipperiness or tearing tests directly on construction sites before and after mineralization.

Microscopic imaging

Mold development test

Pull out test

Porosity test

Imbition/absorption test

Sliperiness test

Graffiti resistance test

Stain resistance test

Hardness test

High pressure cleaning resistance test