Respect for our environment and heritage

Today, we are all aware of the challenges
of global warming.

As an industrialist, we need to think about ways to produce and consume better. Each of us prefers to use natural materials that are healthier for our health and the environment. Our products have been developed with the aim of achieving more effective, sustainable treatments, in line with the environment and the application support. Mineralization implies adding silica into the material. Silica has the same life span as glass, about 4000 years. It is one of the main components of our planet and does not come from fossil fuels. In harmony with the environment and materials, mineralization is not sensitive to UV or abrasion and therefore does not release any decomposition products.

What we do

In 2007, we signed up to the Ideal Charter 79. The purpose of this charter is to bring together companies that work to produce better and reduce their waste. In accordance with our commitments, we have made the following improvements:

Today, 98% of our waste is recovered and recycled at production. Our raw material containers are systematically rinsed. The rinsing water is reintegrated into our preparations. The containers are reused for the distribution of our products. We reuse the packaging of raw materials for the calibration of our products during transport and we limit overpacks as much as possible. All of our lift trucks are now electric, to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Following the work carried out on our production site in 2009, the entire building has been isolated in order to minimize the heating needs for the frost-free maintenance of our products.

All lighting on the site has been replaced by low energy light bulbs. The translucent plates on the roof have been replaced and their surface doubled, to avoid the need for artificial lighting during the day. In the context of sustainable development, we have optimized our production processes to the maximum to reduce our energy consumption. All the measures we have taken have reduced our electricity consumption by 30%, direct greenhouse gas emissions by 100% and nonrecycled waste by 98%.

The eco-environmental approach is a necessity for the future of our planet and a real commitment for our company.

Our clients

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