Climatic conditions (sun, rain, snow, salt, pollution, etc.) and routine maintenance affect building materials.

Water penetrating materials accelerate degradation under the effect of frost, and also the development of mosses.

De-icing salts, sea salts and waterborne salts of often present in the form of mist, penetrate through the surface into the capillary networks, which can disintegrate the systems within the materials.

Other thermal shocks and UV rays are also reasons for premature wear of materials.

Unprotected porous  building substrates will be more sensitive to the impregnation of external influences including pollution and various stains, causing physical and cosmetic material degradation.



There are two main families of chemistry: Organic chemistry and Mineral chemistry.
Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon and its compounds, such as  finite crude oil, wich is used as a feedstock from which resins, silicones, varnishes, bitumen etc. are produced…
Mineral chemistry, also known as inorganic chemistry, is the oldest branch of chemistry, which deals with mineral substances, as opposed to organic chemistry.



In concrete, stone, terracotta and other cement-based materials, there is the presence of free lime, which could be called the blotter of materials. Also, mineral materials are more or less porous depending on the capillary networks that compose them.

The presence of large numbers of capillary networks and free lime can cause conctruction materials to burst under the effect of cyclic free-thaw actions, produce the oxidation of metal reinforcements in concrete and the impregnation of urban pollution.

Hydro-Mineral’s mineralizers penetrate the material network by capillary action, where they crystallize lime and form silica in the pores. A waterproofing or a complete damp-proofing is obtained according to the saturation rate of the silica pores.



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